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I’m an avid gardener and the founder of Lyrical Violets. When I was just 10 years old, my grandmother introduced me to African Violets. Together, we propagated a leaf in a glass of water. 40 years later, I am still growing African Violets. I have a collection of more than 300 varieties growing on 20 separate shelves under 80 LED strips. I’m active in my local AV club and have grown many show-winning plants. You can find me in AV forums on social media.  When I’m not growing African violets, I’m working as a musician, music teacher and choir director. 

Lyrical violets is about helping Australian hobbyists find joy in growing African violets by helping you source and grow plants that make your heart sing! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Just plantlets in three sizes, small, medium, large

I automatically send you the largest size plant available

In short, yes! Plants are carefully packaged using a technique developed by professional European sellers. All care is taken. However, the unknown factor is how individual postal staff will treat your package. You can expect that your plant arrives with one or two broken leaves. This is normal. Flowers will wither. They are just left on the plant to show you it is flowering true. The plant will be slightly weakened by its journey in the dark, but will perk up quickly with a little TLC

I post to wherever Australia Post will send a parcel. I assume you are aware of any quarantine regulations affecting your individual area. Therefore, all orders at your own risk. 

Not individually. However, if you provide a mobile phone number at the time of order, this will go into the Australia Post system and you will receive a text message advice from them. If your phone number is connected with an Australia Post account,  you will probably also receive email advice. 

All plants are grown indoors in a temperature controlled room, with wick watering, and under LED lights for 11 hours a day. If your growing conditions are different, you will need time for your new plant to adjust.

The color and intensity of African Violet flowers is affected by individual growing conditions, temperature, and the time of year. Some African Violet hybrids are more unstable than others. It is possible that a variety may SPORT by transforming to different color or to a solid color. 

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