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African violet plant in the rubbish bin

Selective Propagation: why you should throw out more plants

Delve into the world of African violet cultivation and uncover the importance of selective propagation. From understanding the reasons behind variation in leaf cuttings to mastering the art of preserving the unique traits of named varieties, this article offers valuable insights for enthusiasts looking to elevate their propagation practices.

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Blooming pink African violet flower on windowsill on summer sunlight, cozy home decor

Summer Care of African Violets

As the temperatures rise and the sun shines brightly, your African violets may need a little extra TLC to thrive during the summer months. In this post, we’ll explore tips to help you care for your African violets and keep them flourishing throughout the summer months.

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PH scale

Growing African Violets with Correct pH

Soil PH is an unseen factor that affects the availability of nutrients and minerals to the plant, which in turn affects its overall health and growth. In this context, it’s essential for African violet growers to understand soil pH and its impact on plant health to ensure that their plants thrive and bloom beautifully.

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African Violet Denver Doll with Girl Foliage

What is Girl Foliage?

Girl foliage is a historical term describing a certain type of leaf that is highly crinkled, scalloped, wavy, or serrated. Read all about this fascinating leaf variety here

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