What am I buying?

  • Young plant in a 50-60mm pot with wick
  • Named African Violet varieties propagated from parents that are flowering true
  • High performing, eye-catching and rare varieties, including imports, bi-color fantasy, Russian Hybrids and chimeras
  • Home grown, wick watered, under LED artificial lights for 10 hours a day, and in a temperature regulated room
Actual plant about to leave for customer order
Another plant going out for customer order
Plant sizes
Plants on arrival at customer's house

Setting up an account

  • To prevent spam and fake bids, you need to have a registered account to make purchases or place bids on auctioned items.
  • To create a new account, go to My Account and select the option to register. 

How does the auction work?

  • Plants are listed for auction if they are rare or precious (such as a chimera), in limited stock, a new import, or offered for sale for the first time.
  • The auction process was implemented due to complaints that plants were being snapped up too quickly or that customers didn’t get to see what was kicking around
  • The bidding process is similar to Ebay.  At the close of auction, the plant will sell to the highest bidder.
  • Make a bid on any plants you are interested in but beware that your bid is a commitment to purchase that plant should you be successful.
  • Proxy bidding is supported which allows users to set the maximum amount they’re willing to pay for an item. The system then automatically places bids on your behalf, incrementally increasing the bid only as much as necessary to maintain your lead, until the maximum amount is reached or the auction ends. This enables bidders to remain competitive without actively monitoring the auction in real-time.

How are the plants priced?

  • You are buying a premium product in a high quality pot
  • It’s growing in premium potting mix with growth stimulants and fertiliser added 
  • These are named varieties that are not available in stores – only through trade among serious hobbyists
  • I sell plants proven to grow well in Australian conditions
  • At the time of sale, your plant is  growing well and healthy
  • Plants are treated preventively to eradicate known pests, mites, and fungus
  • Price of plant includes consideration for time required to wrap and pack them for post

Do plants travel in the post OK?

  • Yes! I specialise in mail order sales
  • Care is taken to ensure your plant is packaged well and arrives in good condition
  • Your plant will need a little TLC on arrival. You can expect that it will have one or two broken leaves. If it has flowers, they may have wilted. It may need some water
  • You should expect that you need to grow the plant on and that it will need time to adapt to your unique growing conditions
  • Plants are sent via Express Post at the start of the week and should arrive within 1 to 3 days depending on your location.
  • If your package is delayed in post, the plants should stay healthy for up to 14 days
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